We will be launching a few ebooks and seminars in the coming months. But to be honest, we’re not big fans of learning by reading alone, We believe that you learn most by being given great examples and models, given the support and motivation to begin and then once you start learning and asking questions to have real experts to give you not just “facts” but opinions and ideas.

We also believe that the sum of the parts can exceed the parts themselves, but not always, and we’ve seen that the key differential is a shared vision and clear leadership. We’ve all experienced anarchy in “democratic” organisations.

So what we’re saying is that if you think you’re ready, get in touch, we have a few different Spear GroupsTM, as well as some Lightspeed Training GroupsTM, and while we’re not actively recruiting at the moment, we do believe that when the student is ready the master will appear.. and you’ve already come so far..

Phase I – Prepare for the lights to go on…

If you want to get the heads up on Phase I.. get in touch.. and let us know why you think you’re ready. This Phase I collection contains, the combined essential knowledge of all the founding WMGs, and is a truly distilled knowledge source.

Each page will have seed that have successfully developed whole businesses and market awareness, and of course sales. There are short readings and clear diagrams.

You’ll read this once in less than an hour and find you are reading it again and again, whenever you need inspiration.

The products of thousands of man hours, and centuries of learning, combined with focus and clarity… Enough.. we’re starting to sound like a sale pitch.. this isn’t we’re excited.. and we already know you want a copy, the question is can we trust you to handle it correctly.. well there’s only one way to find out..