Recommend Reading and Links

Do you have a domain name?

These are websites, ebooks and partners we can recommend:

  • The Simple Idea™ – Website in an Instant™ – some people will tell you that to get online will take a long time.. it will be really complicated, expensive and well you really need to hire .. X, and Y and Z and pay them $£$$$!$.. well that’s not what will happen if you are lucky enough to work with The Simple Idea. They can have you with a fully featured website in as quick as 5 minutes.. I kid you not.. If we let you, you could even have this whole site in 5 minutes.. but we won’ don’t beg.. but we will help you create something better for you if you ask nicely. In Summary The Simple Idea take the complex process of web publishing, used intelligence and experience to provide a solution which means that you only need to know what you want, and the complicated bit is left to 1) experts, 2) the professionals and 3) people who love it.. as they themselves said.. “The Simple Idea” but one many wish they’d had.


  • Psi Pi – If you need inspiration Psi Pi has it in abundnance – they’re experts in so many disciplines that many people have said “Where do you find the time..” – the funnny thing is that for them.. Time is in abundance too.. These are the people who impress us the most.. and we love every minute we spend in their presence. If you can get them in your corner.. you’re very lucky.. and we’ll be hearing about you… as will many others..


  • Psi Thinking – Sometimes you need to get your head straight.. and well some may think of it as Positive Thinking.. but more than that Powerful Stimulating Intelligent Thinking.. is so much more.. NLP at its best, business consultancy with more depth and velocity than you’ve ever dreamed. Awesome and life changing. in the true sense.